Re: 2.0.[123] Oops! (Sound module)

James Box (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 11:19:12 +0100

Paul Matthews <> writes
> writes:
> > I get the following oops whenever I boot kernels 2.0.1 - 2.0.3 with the
> > sound module compiled in, or after an 'insmod sound ' when it is compiled
> > as a module...
>I don't get any oops, I just don't get any sound any more. Worked fine
>with 2.0.0, but with 2.0.3, I get a funny diag when I try to use any

It was a mistake to put a beta version of the sound driver into 2.0.x.
I, too, am afflicted with bad sound output on my PAS16, and have to use
/dev/audio1 to get semi-decent output from the SB emulation.

As 2.0.x is meant to be a stable, working release for non-developers to
upgrade to, I vote we go back to the sound driver that was in 2.0.0, and
bring back the beta version in 2.1.x



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