Re: Floating Point Exception..

Eric W. Biederman (
10 Jul 1996 13:01:03 -0500

John Narron <> writes:

> Thanks to all those who responded.
> I HAD the Documentation, but deleted at the time because I needed
> diskspace badly. That and I'm still not in the habit of reading
> the f#cking manual.
> - John

Use zlibc and then compress your whole source tree with something like
find -not -perms +111 | xargs gzip -9
this usually saves me a lot more space then deleting a bunch of files.
It was fun compiling emacs in about half the suggested space :)

Now if the compression/uncompression option in the ext2 filesystem
ever gets implemented we will have _lots_ of room to store the manual
so we can read it. :)