linux 2.0.5 -hangs- with sound module / sb16

Mark Orr (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:47:01 -0500

System Info: P5-100 Neptune II ; 16 MB; SB16SCSI-2 w/ WaveBlaster;
SB16 settings: 220H, IRQ 5, lowDMA 1, hiDMA 5, MPU 330H, -1 ;
Kernel 2.0.5 ; modules 2.0.0


Well in 2.0.4, I found that when sound was compiled as a module, it would work the first time (including SB16 external MIDI). But, if you unloaded the module and reloaded (as Kerneld might do) then sound would not work (or not work properly).

Hannu suggested that there may be some problems with running a check on IRQ 5 twice w/o a reboot -- and suggest that I move it to IRQ 7.


Now in 2.0.5 -- with the same settings as above (haven't tried moving it to IRQ 7 yet) -- sound works first time, but if the module is unloaded and reloaded: the whole system locks up. A hard lock too, no ctrl-alt-del.

Mark Orr