Re: Bridging works great !

Madhusudana Rao (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 17:19:16 +0500 (IST)

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Romano Giannetti wrote:

romano -> Let me check if I understood well: I have a lan, I split it in two
romano -> segments and connect them to the two interface cards, and the ifconfig
romano -> the two cards with the same IP,netmask, and broadcast
romano ->
romano -> ifconfig eth0 netmask
romano -> ifconfig eth1 netmask
romano -> route add -host eth1
romano ->
romano -> and then

I apologise for a big mistake. I sent another post yesterday and I do not
know if it reached. You also will have to set the interfaces in
promiscuous mode and it's very important.

ifconfig eth1 promisc
ifconfig eth0 promisc

Another important thing, though you will have to enable bridging in the
kernel and recompile the kernel.

romano -> > 6. Just run "brcfg -ena" as root and then the action starts.
romano -> >
romano ->
romano -> It's all? So simple? And... can I in the same box have three cards,
romano -> one on 131.114.9 and the other two in a configuration like the above,
romano -> and linux will route and bridge togheter?

Yes, it's that simple. I have tested with two cards. But you can setup
as many segments as you can if your PC can accommodate (4 segments is what
I have heard of).

Routing and bridging together ? Alan should answer this because I could
not get the sl0 interface working after enabling bridging. If I disable
bridging sl0 starts working. It's reproducible. Also, firewalling does
not seem to work at the moment.