3c595, Linux-2.0.4, SMP & SIOCSIFFLAGS: try again

Matthew S. Crocker (matthew@crocker.com)
11 Jul 1996 13:41:27 GMT

Subject says it all.

I have a dual processor pentium (Micron PowerServer), 64 MB RAM,
Buslogic 946, 3Com595 FastEthernet 100Base-TX card.

The kernel recognises the card but I can't turn the card 'up'

I can't cut and paste a screen shot (no network...) but from memory...

The card is a PCI card in a PCI/EISA motherboard.
The card is found by the kernel, correct *everything*

ifconfig eth0 shows the normal stuff
ifconfig eth0 returns
ifconfig eth0 again shows the IP address was set but the card is down.
ifconfig eth0 up returns

This same problem happens when I put a 16 bit (ISA) 3c509 in the
machine. Everything else appears to be working fine. I have a RedHat
3.0.3 installation with the 2.0 upgrade rpms. (NET-B...)

I had the 3c509 working with a CD-ROM install of redhat 3.0.3 using
linux-1.2.13. I brought the machine up on the net, downloaded linux
2.0.4 and the 2.0 RPM's from Redhat. I installed the RPMS and rebuilt
the kernel. I then rebooted and the card broke.

Any suggestions?


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