Re: Bridging works great !

Madhusudana Rao (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 00:00:40 +0500 (IST)


This is in continuation of my previous mail/posting.

I apologise, because I missed out a very important parameter in my
previous mail/posting. I should stand corrected, you need to set your
network interface in promiscuous mode. It is very important for the
bridging to start. it is not mentioned anywhere, either in
linux/Documentation/ or in Multiple-Ethernet-mini-HOWTO.

Alan, Can this be added in ? or let the brcfg do it, in
the option "brcfg -ena" ?

You need to do the following :

ifconfig eth0 promisc ${IP0} broadcast ${BROADCAST} netmask ${NETMASK}
ifconfig eth0 promisc ${IP1} broadcast ${BROADCAST} netmask ${NETMASK}

or as a separate command like this :

ifconfig eth0 promisc
ifconfig eth1 promisc