Re: 2.0.3 ghost reboot

Andreas Muck (
12 Jul 1996 16:27:18 GMT wrote:

> Yesterday I installed 2.0.3 on my system. Before I went to bed I stopped
> my PPP connection and left X running as usual. When I woke up this
> morning Linux had mysteriously rebooted. No record of what happened in
> any log. All of my mount points came up dirty and had to be rechecked.
> This has *never* happened before.

Happened here too on 2.0.3 last night. No log entries, nothing to show
why. Last entries were about 10am. When I woke up at 12:30, the new
2.0.5 login promt was blinking at me :) (compiled it yesterday, but
didn't reboot). Oh well, filesystems were not clean as you said. I had
about 4--5 days uptime before that.