Re: Vote for Linux: stats

Alain KNAFF (
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 18:37:57 +0200

>Hi all,
>The current stats on Infoworld's poll is: (as of 10:38 CT 12 JUL 96)
> Yes 47%
> No 53%

Hmm, no. Look again. That's the results of _last_ weeks's poll:

"Will Microsoft=92s Internet Explorer eventually displace Netscape=92s
Navigator as the browser of choice?"

the real score is *drumroll*: 2921 Yes and 229 No.
Yes, that's 92% against 8% :-)

>Please, lets abide by the principle of one man/person one vote.
>Note: The raw data is clustered in duos, quads, ... of yes or no,
> which to me indicates ballot box stuffing.

Btw, at which address is the raw data displayed?