Re: Where is my /proc/scsi/ncr53c8xx/0 ??

Alexander Sanda (
13 Jul 1996 12:18:02 GMT

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Samuli Kaski <> wrote:

>I thought I would test the tagged command queuing
>feature of my NCR810 but *sigh*. I am completely
>missing the file /proc/scsi/ncr53c8xx/0 to which
>the commands are supposed to be redirected as input.
>I don't know when did this file disappear but it
>was there a while ago. Now all I have is /proc/scsi/ncr53c7xx/0
>which gives: 'The driver does not yet support the proc-fs'
>when trying to read it (which makes sense? because the name
>suggests that it is for 7xx cards). I am running Slackware 3.0.0
>with allmost everything updated and the kernel is 2.0.5.
>Here is what the driver outputs at startup:
>scsi-ncr53c7,8xx : at PCI bus 0, device 6, function 0
>scsi-ncr53c7,8xx : NCR53c810 at memory 0xc4000000, io 0x1000, irq 11

>What's my problem? Anyone?

The problem is a mistake in your kernel configuration. The above lines
show, that you have compiled the kernel with the standard NCR driver.
(Note the "NCR53c{7,8}xx"). This driver does not support the proc-fs.

Actually, you have to turn off the 53c7,8xx driver in order to
activate the 53C8xx.

Note, that you can't play with tagged queuing at runtime. Since 2.0.4,
this feature is disabled.

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