Re: Is any file system on Linux appropriate for very large directories?

Matthias Urlichs (
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 22:56:07 +0100

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Eric Benson <> writes:
> We have an application here that uses lots of files in a single
> directory. At the time it was set up, it didn't seem to be a problem=
> However, due to's 30 percent per month growth rate, this i=
> now getting to be a serious problem due to the time (and kernel locku=
> required for linear searching of directories. (By the way, this

The easy way out of this problem is to replace the "/path/to/file" with
"/path/to/XXX/file". XXX is a hash of the file name. Or the first lette=
(ever looked at /usr/lib/terminfo?). Or whatever works for you.

The hard way out is to play database. However, storing a lot of possibl=
equal- or maximum-sized chunks of data in one big file is not a problem=
You can use db or dbm for indexing the name to the storage location in =
big file; no problem. If the chunks are small enough, store them in the=
file itself. Easy.

If you need a real database, there are two network-aware SQL systems on=
latest SuSE Linux CD-ROM; LNX (not that featureful, but essentially fre=
and YARD (can do a lot of things, but the CD only has a limited version=
Don't ask me where to FTP the beast(s) from, I don't know. There's also
Postgres95, but I definitely wouldn't trust my business to it (we tried=
We're using LNX now; it's cheaper, and its list of features is adequate=

> that uses some kind of hashing for name lookup! A quick review of th=
> file systems currently available on Linux suggests that the only one
> that uses hashing is the Amiga file system. I don't mean to be

A few others use B trees. The problem is that B trees are rather diffic=
to write correctly (and doubly so in a multitasking environment); this =
why HPFS is read-only and HFS is only somewhat-write. At the moment.

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