Re: Warning to all gated users.

Stephen Davies (
Sun, 14 Jul 96 17:05:03 +0930

I have included a patch for this in the gated 3.6A2/Linux 2.0.6 patch set
that I sent to Erik Troan and Merit
this evening.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to an OSPF environment to test it
properly so I would appreciate feedback on whether or not I got it right.


PS. Erik plans to offer the gated code from
>> Gated turned out to believe that raw packets contain
>> in ip length field not tot_len in net order, but length of
>> datagram payload(!) in HOST order(!!).
>Fix gated. The code you see inside "#if 0" is _not_ meant to be enabled,
>ever. The behaviour gated seems to expect is simply too braindamaged, as
>you yourself seem to have noticed, judging by the "(!!)" ;-)

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