Re: 2.0.6 breaks HTTPd 1.4.1

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones (
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 13:03:00 +0100 (BST)

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996, Nathan Lewis wrote:

> Pretty obvious from the subject. Yes, I have read the docs - I know
> I should update to the latest httpd. But it has worked fine right up
> until now.
> Now whenever I try to start it, all I get is "cannot execute binary
> file." My question is, does anyone else have this type of problem
> with the later NCSA httpd? Is it worth my effort to go get the new
> version?

Would that be an a.out binary, and have you built the a.out binfmt module
(either built in, or as a module) ? Do you use kerneld ? Look in your
logs for something like:

<date, time & hostname> modprobe: Can't locate module binfmt-204

or binfmt-263, or binfmt-264, or binfmt-267.

> Thanx!

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