A small ide patch and a lilo/kernel problem

Johnie Stafford (jms@pobox.com)
Sun, 14 Jul 96 10:32 CDT

Here is a small patch to ide.c to correct an error message it prints:

--- linux/drivers/block/ide.c.dist Sun Jul 14 10:20:39 1996
+++ linux/drivers/block/ide.c Sun Jul 14 10:20:59 1996
@@ -1685,7 +1685,7 @@
return drive;
} else if (major == IDE0_MAJOR && unit < 4) {
printk("ide: probable bad entry for /dev/hd%c\n", 'a'+unit);
- printk("ide: to fix it, run: /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/MAKEDEV.ide\n");
+ printk("ide: to fix it, run: /usr/src/linux/scripts/MAKEDEV.ide\n");

The reason I noticed this discrepancy is because I see it several
times every time I run lilo (v19). For each entry in my lilo.conf file
I get this on my console:

Jul 14 10:29:18 kb5yvf kernel: ide: probable bad entry for /dev/hdc
Jul 14 10:29:18 kb5yvf kernel: ide: to fix it, run: /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/MAKEDEV.ide

Of course, I've run the MAKEDEV.ide from the scripts directory, but I
still get these errors. Does anyone know what this thing is
complaining about. I don't even have a hdc on my machine.


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