Admin util wish list

Todd Graham Lewis (
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 04:51:16 -0400

I've been thinking about the various admin/system-admin utils which other
systems have and how useful they'd be under Linux.

Right now, there are a lot of utilities which are on other Unix systems
which have, to my knowledge, no counterpart under Linux. All of these
utilities are nothing more than windows into the kernel, revealing system
characteristics, configurations, etc.

I know that this is, strictly speaking, user-space stuff, but I am not
asking for the utilities, but rather if/when/how-much kernel support is
there for these utilities to be written.

Comments are welcome.

Util OS presently on Comments
---- --------------- --------
sysctl BSD /proc/sys seems set up to do this
sysinfo solaris I don't know of anything which comes close
sar solaris ditto
UERF digital u./vms syslog on steroids, but nice system

Anyone else have additional candidates? I have looked under AIX, but
can't find a single thing useful on this front.
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