Re: 3c59x driver 0.25 falls off network

Ove Ewerlid (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 13:10:05 +0200

>> I'd recommend that 0.13, the version that came with 2.0.0, be put back
>> into 2.0.6 until this problem can be found.
>Extreme load makes them fall off. You are just lucky I think as 0.13 falls
>off the network for us too, and 0.13 doesnt work with most of the 3com 3c59x
>cards (by volume of sale).
>I think we have a slight no win situation here till someone can pin down the

Well, after removing the tbusy-optimization from the 0.25 driver things
have worked very well for me (all in all 5 different 3c595 on 4
The machines have been up under severe, albeit synthetic, network abuse
past 24 hours. The tests was with 2.0.6.
Two card ran in 100 Mb/s mode.

Hope this is not due to the phase of the moon!