Phantom reboots continued

Andrew Norman (
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 22:21:41 GMT

I have seen various reports of phantom reboots, I like everyone else
had assumed that people were having power problems. However I have
experienced one myself today. One of my server rebooted this afternoon
according to my logs (I have a file that is logged every minute by a
cron job) the server was unavailable for one minute. /usr/adm/messages
shows a boot at this time. The machine is connected to a UPS which it
shares with a small 386 based router, also plugged into the same power
source via another UPS is a Netware server. Niether of the other
machines was affected.

The server in question is not physically accessible and I am the only
person with an account on it, it is not connected to the Internet (it
runs netatalk and some internal WWW and mail services). It is running
2.0.0 with a AHA2940, 2xSMC Ultra and various other standard

Do I have a random hardware fault or do these phantom reboots really
exist ?

Andy Norman

Linux, everyone's favourite operating system, isn't it ?