Re: get_fs_byte and put_fs_long in 2.1.4?

Neil Moore (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 17:11:26 -0400

> After compiling 2.1.4, I recieved the following
> unresolved symbols:
> *** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.1.4/block/floppy.o
> get_fs_byte
> *** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.1.4/block/loop.o
> put_fs_long
> Any ideas?

Sorry to reply to my own post, but I fixed this.

I applied the pre-2.1.5 patch, which fixed the problem in loop.c.
I patched floppy.c myself; change line 4177 from:
c = get_fs_byte(i);

(I didn't post a real patch because I don't have an exact
copy of the original)

Version: 3.12
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