Re: [LINUX-KERNEL] HDD Noise stopped with cat /dev/zero

H. Peter Anvin (
16 Oct 1996 22:59:18 GMT

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By author: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>
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> Hi,
> Just a curiosity... Sometimes I'm really annoyed with the hdd noise,
> that I think has some interaction with my ppp link !?!? One day I, don't
> remember why, issued the magic words "cat /dev/zero" and... that noise
> stopped!!! As soon as I cancelled the cat the noise returns!!! Any
> comments???

Wild guess: your HD is picking up voltage variations in the power
supply line, caused by the drop in CPU power consumption when the CPU
is idle (HLT instruction). Try booting linux with the "no-hlt" option
on the kernel command line. If the HD is quiet then, I'd get a new
power supply.


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