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Sun, 17 Nov 1996 09:06:35 +0200

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Albert Cahalan:
> You are a kind person, but this is the Internet. It is unfortunate
> that mailbombing is often the only solution, and it _does_ work.

Mailbombing is never the only solution. Mail, news, and packet
filtering are always an option.

But this isn't a kernel issue. Go read
(last time I advertise, promise).

> Mailbombing hint: Send many small messages with different "From:"
> lines. Professional spam sites drop attachments in the bitbucket
> automatically and only keep one mail with a given "From:" line.

Professional spam sites don't accept incoming mail. Been there,
seen that.

Professional spammers forge the origin really well. Stupid
mailbombers attack innocent people and sites. Been there,
seen that.

Professional spammers use throw-away accounts. Stupid terrorists
attack sites that couldn't have prevented it even if they wanted
to. Stupid terrorists make it almost impossible for admins of
said sites to clean up after spam, because they first need to
clean up after being bombed. Been there, seen that.

Professional spammers talk to journalists and point at stupid
terrorists and say that all anti-spam people are like that.
Journalists write articles that glorify spammers. Been there,
seen that.

It doesn't take too long reading of the relevant net-abuse
newsgroups and mailing lists to realize that terrorism isn't
an answer. On the contrary, terrorism is part of the problem.

I'm beginning to get scared about the positive attitude to
terrorism that seem to prevalent among Linux users. I thought
flaming journalists was bad enough. I will now retreat and sulk.

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