Re:Re: Kernel panic -> Reboot

zero cool (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 02:12:17 -0800 (PST)

> > > Need to get out of 2.X mode and back to 1.2. Everyone is giving
> > > solutions only for 2.X .
> > Well perhaps you need to get out of 1.2 into 2.X mode....
> If traffic on this list is any indication, people who need "production"
> boxes should stick with 1.2.13 until 2.0.X gets _solid_ stable again,
> which at the moment, it isn't. (At least some people think not... ;-)

Traffic on this list is by far and largely by those *having* problems, not
those whose systems are fine. I use 2.0.x (currently .24) in production
servers for two ISP sites. They are both heavily used and rock solid.
Now this leads me to believe either I'm a super genius, or the code
shouldn't be criticised so heavily. Since I couldn't figure out e=mc^2 as
I was writing this, I am leaning towards the second..

I haven't used 1.2.x code for about 7 months now. I keep my systems up to
date, and follow the guidelines regarding new kernels.

Before telling everyone to jump back into the dark ages (and yes, 1.2.13
is *not* stable, neither is 1.3.20) consider properly updating your system
and pay heed to the recommendations posted in various manners.