Re: X-Inside posts Linux bug, has it been reported anywhere else?

Alan Cox (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 13:16:40 +0000 (GMT)

> I saw this posted on Has it been reported
> anywhere else? Is it fixed in a 2.0.* kernel?

I've been talking to Thomas about it. Firstly I can't duplicate it. Secondly
according to him..

> happen at all), then a posix compilant system (and LINUX for that
> matter) should return an error of EAGAIN. However the kernels
> mentioned above randomly return either EINTR (which is for blocking

Which directly contradicts what the actual POSIX 1003.1g draft states. So I
think 1. He has some signal handling confusing him in user space, and 2.
he didnt read the posix spec carefully when he wrote the code.

Any Xserver is a huge program so bugs will occur. I'm waiting a reply to
the email pointing out the words in the draft (1003.1g 6.3)