Re: Strange P6 2.0.25 syslog message

Leonard N. Zubkoff (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 15:25:10 -0800

From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 21:02:55 +0100 (MET)

Btw - does anyone have numbers how often these spurious interrupts appear
on a Intel system? I've got a Linux/MIPS system on which I receive a
significant number of these from peripherals connected via an mostly
undocumented PC/Intel-style bus interface.

It depends greatly on the hardware and driver. For some reason, moving a large
chunk of data over the ethernet to an SMC Elite Ultra 16 generates a lot of
them, which was one of the places I could most reliably reproduce this problem.