Frustration - Part 2

Mike (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 21:42:33 -0800 (PST)

> How many processes were running? (more than 64?)
Unknown... probably closer to 45 than 64...

> There was/is a bug in procps 1.01 (and afaik earlier) that caused segfaults
> with more than 64 processes and the f flag - rebooting might
> stop this happening by reducing the number of processes.
This is something that I will explore the next time ps seg faults on me. It
makes a lot of sense, and should be easily tested.

> I've never had any problems with ps (after upgrading to 1.01) on 2.0.x
> except in this case. If you want a patch to ps that fixes this problem and
> can't find it (it was posted to one of comp.os.linux.development.*, I
> believe), I can make one and send it to you.
I'll keep this in mind. Thank you for your offer!

> Of course, unless you've fixed your other problems, this isn't particularly
> helpful =(
After reinstalling on a fresh root partition, it has once again become
relevant! :)

From: "Richard B. Johnson" <>
> I can make you two floppies (actually the contents), One a boot-disk,
> and another a "root /" disk, that has fsck, mount, etc. I would have to
> know the "name" of your root disk, i.e., /dev/sda1 (note I use SCSI for
> just the same reason, IDE disks are not reliable). You could boot the
> floppies and fix your hard disk. I do not think your problem is a kernel
> problem.
An extreme thanks for this offer, but I am no longer in need of a repair.