kernel panic with smp and 2.1.7-

Oliver Francke (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:47:22 +0100 (MET)

Hi folks,

I just have for test purpose a Compaq ProLiant 1500 with
two pentium 133 processors at home, quite a bit loud in
a living room environment, but have got a very tolerant
girl friend :-)))
So, compiled 2.0.25 with SMP support, it initialized the
two processors and worked well so far...
Now I wanted to give the 2.1.X-tree a try, but it stopped
panic("smp_alloc_memory: Insufficient low memory for kernel stacks.\n");
I'm really not a kernel hacker, and so just wondering...
I compiled the kernel with the absolut minimum of drivers
needed to run the system.

Please help.

BTW: I played with some benchmarks from the german IX computer-
magazine, and they gave me some erratic results though running
in a single user environment. Is there any additional stuff
like "time" or any benchmarks to compare 1 with 2 cpu's?

Thnx for any answers... cul8er.