Re: GPF in 2.0.25

Juan Cespedes (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 11:15:55 +0100 (MET)

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996, Systemkennung Linux wrote:

: Did you do this as root or as user? As root this behaviour is possible
: though not very probable. It should not happen running as unpriviledged
: user.

I did it as a normal user. Note that it only happens when
trying to execute vmlinux-2.1.xx from kernel 2.0.xx, any other way
there is no oops (only a segfault, but that is normal). I've tried
in two different systems, one with 2.0.21 and other with 2.0.25, and
the ksymoops output is exactly the same.

Juan Cespedes