Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 16:03:14 +0100 (MET)

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996, Mike wrote:

> In an effort to line everything up and make it look pretty I modified the
> previous lines to the following:
> Numerically, these have the same values, but when I tried to ping fusion,
> the IP that it was using was When the extra '0's were deleted
> ping worked fine. Is this within the operating specs? Just curious,

I guess it's because of C's way of handing numbers... a leading zero
indicates a number is in octal system, unless the leading zero is followed
by an x, in which case it is hexadecimal.

(and 16 octal _is_ 14 decimal...)