Re: CDROM and Intel VX M/B Problem

Nathan Bryant (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 14:35:54 -0500 (EST)

Check out the Loadlin program. This is a DOS command-line program which
allows you to load a linux kernel straight from DOS.

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, RICHARD wrote:

> I have just replaced my motherboard with the new Intel VX chipset
> motherboard and cannot use my Sanyo H94 CDROM (connected to a
> MediaVision JAZZ 16 sound card) anymore. The problem is that the Linux
> support requires that the soundcard/cdrom be initialized in dos/win
> followed by a soft reboot into Linux (kernel 2.0.18). The new M/B however
> Resets the card during a soft reboot since it has added support for
> booting directly from a cdrom (atleast it appears that way!). I am
> wondering if there is a way around this? Any help would be much
> appreciated!
> Richard Vienneau

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