Re: Printer on fire - I feel like an idiot

Marko Siladin (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 21:01:21 -0500 (EST)

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> "Marko Siladin" <> writes:
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> >Sorry guys I really must appolagize to post something to this mailinglist
> >without enough investigation. Anyway the reason I got that strange kernel
> >error message was that the "Pause" button on my printer was pressed.
> >The front of my printer is hidden under my desk so I don't see it (
> >it's an Epson LQ-570 btw). . Anyway to cut the story short pressing
> >the pause butten solved the problem. Maybe there should be some
> >better messageing - like not on-line?? Sorry again for
> >the unnecessary posting.
> >Regards and happy linuxing
> >--
> `lp0 on fire' is a age-old UNIX joke. It was in the earliest kernels
> of UNIX. Linux is just trying to conform ;)
> Seriously, it's for unknown errors - off line is reported when the
> printer is off-line, out of paper is reported when the printer is out
> of paper, on fire is reported when the kernel doesn't know.
> See .../linux/drivers/char/lp.c at around line 250 (assuming 2.0.24;
> I expect it's about the same for other versions but I don't know)
But the problem is that my printer was - off-line and that the driver
did not detect that. Now I understand that there are many printers out
there and that it is not easy to write an universal driver. But the
point is that lp did not recognize that my printer was off-line.
The pause button on the printer is the closest thing I
can see to an off-line (except the power switch :) )

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