Re: real POSIX.1b semaphores

. Tethys (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 12:32:57 +0000

"David S. Miller" <> wrote:

>Linus spoke some time ago on this on some linux-kernel thread.
>Basically his consensus was that adding a thread_id that was seperate
>from the normal pid was asking for trouble and a stupid idea.
>He instead postulated an idea of encoding the thread_id within the
>pid itself, using the high order bits of the pid value or something
>similar. The nice results of this are that nothing breaks, like
>/proc/pid etc.

Except surely this breaks any future move to a longer pid_t. You could
argue that if we have a 64 bit pid_t, then the lower 32 bits should be
more than enough for the PID, with the upper 32 bits for thread_id and
any other information. But then again, that's probably what they thought
about 16 bit PIDs all those years ago...


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