Re: linux won't boot without a keyboard

Markus Gutschke (
19 Nov 1996 16:16:07 +0100

Hamish Neil Moffatt <> writes:
> On a system here (Shuttle HOT-433, 486 PCI motherboard, with AMD 5x86-133
> fitted), Linux (2.0.25) won't boot without a keyboard attached.
> LILO loads, loads Linux; I get "Loading Linux ....."; then it waits
> forever, until a keyboard is plugged in. Once the keyboard
> is connected it resumes immediately. Keyboard is set to absent
> in the (AMI) BIOS; we'd prefer not to have a keyboard attached
> because this machine will be in a server environment off our premises.

This sounds very similar to a report that I heard from Michael
Slavitch <> a little while ago. Incidentally it also
happened with a machine that had an AMI BIOS, so it might be a BIOS

I finally traced the problem to the code that activates the A20
gate. This requires interaction of the keyboard controller and somehow
would not work, if no keyboard was present. I would very much like to
know, if there was a work-around.