Re: Printer on fire - I feel like an idiot

Michael K. Johnson (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 12:03:02 -0500

"Marko Siladin" writes:
>But the problem is that my printer was - off-line and that the driver
>did not detect that. Now I understand that there are many printers out
>there and that it is not easy to write an universal driver. But the
>point is that lp did not recognize that my printer was off-line.
>The pause button on the printer is the closest thing I
>can see to an off-line (except the power switch :) )

The printer signaled the off-line condition in a non-standard way,
or you have a non-standard cable. The condition that was created
was not defined by any specification (as of the time I worked on
the driver) and therefore could mean anything at all -- it's an
unspecified error.


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