Re: EIDE more reliable than SCSI?

Jay Nelson (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 21:52:53 -0600 (CST)

I've only used one -- a 2224, I think -- and I agree, but I didn't
have a SCSI tape on it. Why would a large queue on the controller
impact the problem?

Is there anything peculiar about tapes or CDROM writers?

The tape drive I'm using, BTW, is an Archive Viper that worked like a
jewel on a Sun. I wonder if this isn't a hardware problem with Intel
based generic boards?

-- Jay

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Systemkennung Linux wrote:

->> Interesting question. I learned a long time ago -- about 1.2.28
->> (a.out) that IDE and SCSI didn't mix well -- particularly with a tape
->> drive on the SCSI bus. Is that because tapes can't
->> disconnect/reconnect? Can your CD writer? Or is it an INT 13 problem?
->> My problem was always on _reads_ from the tape and a hard reset was
->> generally the solution. I would _really_ appreciate someone explaining
->> how IDE, EIDE and SCSI can or can't work together.
->> Is tagged queueing part of the problem? (Free BSD, doesn't support it,
->> I think, and I had the same problem with it -- except it trashed the
->> disk.)
->The DPT maintains large command queues in it's internal memory. I
->suppose this might be contraproductive in this case. From my own
->experience I know that the driver is very solid otherwise.
-> Ralf

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