Bug in the kernel ?

Dietmar Kling (kling@tao.de)
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 09:43:33 +-100


I am still using a 2.0.20 Kernel and i can freeze it with the following
sequence on the terminal (not using X-Windows).

cp -R /dos/d/somedirectory /usr/local/
^^^^ ^^^^
ide-drive scsi-drive
vfat ext2

it's about 30 MB and it takes some time...

While the whole thing is tranferred to my scsi-disk
i try at another console
> cd /dos/d/work
> ls -l

-> the result is, that the copy stops and everything freezes
(At first you can still change between terminals, but you can
enter nothing)

I tried this 3 times (at the second my ext2-Filesystem had serious
problems to recover)

even letting the computer working for 6 hours didn't do anything


it's the same effekt when you copy from a ide to ide disk
(4th try but now i've got a 2048 illegal names under dos, maybe a bug
in the vfat-filesystem?)