Re: Printer on fire - I feel like an idiot

Robert Nichols (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 00:41:03 GMT

In article <>,
Marko Siladin <> wrote:
:But the problem is that my printer was - off-line and that the driver
:did not detect that. Now I understand that there are many printers out
:there and that it is not easy to write an universal driver. But the
:point is that lp did not recognize that my printer was off-line.
:The pause button on the printer is the closest thing I
:can see to an off-line (except the power switch :) )

Then your printer was not reporting any status (paper out, error, or not
selected) that would indicate why it was not accepting data. The driver
is doing the best it can by reporting an unknown problem (status looks
good, but printer won't acknowledge receiving data). You might try
running 'tunelp' with the "-C on" option to put the driver in "careful"
mode, but I doubt that's going to help in this situation.

Bob Nichols
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