Re: Cyrix 6x86

Scott Likens (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 11:44:32 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, Mike Jagdis wrote:

> >I'd really, really... _really_ like to see some of these Cyrix
> >patches getting into the 2.1 kernel.
> If someone will tell me if a rev 4 chip works or not with SUSP_HLT
> enabled (i.e. is there a chip problem or a motherboard/memory
> problem) and if the 5x86 code works I think it could go in.
> There are some questions I would like to know the answers to but
> they aren't a big problem. I think I've managed to get them through
> the firewalling at Cyrix to someone who might be able to address
> them but it might be a while...
> Mike

Well, Soo far i have the Cyrix 6x86 Enabled, 6x86 with VSPM and amazing it
works properly. i guess sometimes the SUSP_HLT doesn't freak out... but
soo far for revision 4, sometimes it crash's but not mostly...