Re: FD Limits

Rob Hagopian (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 15:39:04 -0500

> I'm kinda curious why it should not be implemented in the
>mainline kernel.
> It could be made a configure option (Perhaps LINUX_LARGE_SERVER).
> Or some other fancy option name.
> Other options would be (And I would have no clue how to do this
>part), making it a kernel boot option (maxfd=2048)

I don't think it should be part of the main configure script, but I do
think that a LOT of stuff like this should be in another script, perhaps
'tweak'? One where all of these hardcoded limits are dealt with...

This and modifications to configure to handle broken hardware vs properly
working hardware would be great... (there's a lot of kernel slowdowns for
broken hardware that don't affect 90+% of the people using it...)