Re: total freeze - 2.0.23/2.0.24/2.0.25

Egor Egorov (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 13:13:54 -0300 (GMT+3)

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, Paul Dunne wrote:

> Kernel v2.0.23, previously very stable, now freezes within a day,
> as do 2.0.24 and 2.0.25. Only changes: adding a local network and
> a dumb terminal.

Well, this configuration was very uinstable for me in .23, more usable in
.24, and near perfect in .25. So, maybe, you're wrong. :)

> The only non-standard bit is Micheal Beck's PC Speaker sound driver;

Oh, the way PC Speaker is programmed is a little bit suxx. So, try without
it. MAybe, it will works better.

On ISP called "Lucky Net" in Kiev, Ukraine, 2.0.25 kernel is working very
hard - no problems at all.

Seems to me, kernel does not like idle time. I noticed that when for about 4
hours of idle - and stable gpf in rnews.