RE: Q: IrDA compliant drivers ?

Flynn, Jason, FLYNNJS (
Fri, 22 Nov 96 09:01:00 UCT


HM wrote :
>is anyone working on an IrDA driver for Linux, for example for the SMC
>FDC37C665 chip which is found on some PCI mainboards? Notably, has anyone
>had success running such a driver on an IBM Thinkpad? If yes, is such a
>driver TTY compatible so that I could run a SLIP or PPP connection over it?

I've got Two Thinkpads (755CX & 760EL). Just use the 'ps2.exe' program
to turn the IrDA port on and Linux sees it as a ttyS. I've run PPP between
the two, but it runs like a pig.

>If you happen to not know what IrDA is, see

An abortion ?

PPP doesn't really like the fact that the receiver can see the tranmitted
so you get loads (at least as many as you send) of dropped frames. I'm going
try SLIP. Can form a campaign for IP over Infra-red... IrDA seem to want
lots of
money for re-inventing a link, network, and application layers !
As for anyone getting the Thinkpad port to run faster that using it as a
serial port (the max is 1.15 Mbit/s) under linux then I'd also be