Reverse the ucdrom.h patch in 2.1.12

Erik B. Andersen (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 11:51:56 MST

In patch-2.1.12, linux/include/linux/ucdrom.h was changed based on the
posting of Gerd Knorr to linux-kernel. I subsequently pointed out that
this is the WrongWay(tm) to fix the problem, as this very issue was
discussed some time ago in private email. The values for speed and
capacity SHOULD be declared const, as these values should not be messed
with by anything. However, since these values must be set on drive
initialization, and the method utilized in ide-cd to avoid the compilation
warnings works just fine. Gerd acknowledged that this was correct, and
posted a patch to sr.c which fixed the compilation warnings without messing
with the ucdrom.h declarations. The Right Thing to do for 2.1.13 is to

reverse this patch:

apply this patch instead:

These patches were written by Gerd Knorr, and posted to the mailing list.
They are archived at which keeps a current
linux kernel site, complete with mailing list patches.


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