2.1.12: #!-scripts do not work as before

Steffen Zahn (zahn@berlin.snafu.de)
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 21:12:19 +0100


scripts starting with #! and
supplying a path to an interpreter as well as a parameter, for example

#!/usr/bin/X11/wishx -f

are no longer executable, the interpreter cannot be found.
This seems to be in linux/fs/binfmt_script.c,
where line 44: strcpy (interp, cp);
copies the rest of the line as the interpreter name, before the
code following this looks for possible white space after
the interpreter name. Furthermore the change

- if (!cp || *cp == '\0')
+ if (cp == '\0')

looks suspicious, at least a '*' seems to be missing.


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