Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?

Dan Rothman (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 16:53:08 -0800


Fenton Technologies Corp. is offering a free, brand new PowerPal
uninterruptible power supply to someone who can write a UPS monitoring and
automatic shutdown application or Linux driver so that users of Linux can
use our UPSs to protect their computer systems. PowerPal is our new series
of line interactive UPSs (280/425/660/1000/1400 VA) similar to APC Back-UPS
Pro series but with some extra features and a much lower cost. We want to
make these products available to the Linux community by having someone write
an application or driver that is fully compatible and easy to use with our
products and is available for everyone to use.

Please respond to:

Dan Rothman
Fenton Technologies Corp.

Thanks very much.