Installing Kernel 2.0.26

Marcio Vieira (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 23:01:13 -0500

Hello all,

I'm new on this mailing list, and I would like to know if someone could
solve my problem.

I'm _trying_ to install the Linux Kernel v.2.0.26 available at sunsite on my
computer, but even following all the instructions in the README files I
still get an error message during the "make zImage" that says:

c1: Invalid option 'align-loops=2'
c1: Invalid option 'align-jumps=2'
c1: Invalid option 'align-functions=2'

I had the same messages with v2.0.25.

I'm using a Cyrix-686-P150 with 32M and 1.2HD. My current kernel version is
1.2.1 that supports my CD (IDE). The problem is that I need the VFAT support
contained in the last kernel because I share other hard drives and
partitions that contain Win95 files. Can someone help me? What should I do
to compile the kernel?


Marcio Vieira (