Re: Anybody having IDE-CD problems with 2.1.10?

Erik Andersen (
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 19:32:33 -0700

Kutsal BerberoGlu wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Nov 1996, Rob Glover wrote:
> > In kernel 2.1.10, my cdrom drive dor remains locked even when i reboot to
> > another os. In win95, i have to unlcok the door with win95's software.
> I have a Goldstar GCD-R580B cdrom drive, and it works smoothly under
> kernel 2.1.10.. The ide-cd driver is *not* compiled in as a module,
> though..
> Kutsal

This is exactly the reason I am having trouble fixing this... It
seems some people are having door-locking problems, and others are not! My
ATAPI cdrom drive (an NEC 4x4 changer) does not have this problem, and
since I cannot duplicate this, I am having trouble figuring out how to fix
it. I also have to finish my thesis during the next week, so I will not be
able to even look at this until then.

Perhaps those who ARE having door-locking problems could take a look at the
ide-cd driver and the generic cdrom driver and see if they can figure out
the problem. The files where door-locking problem hunters should look are:


And it may (or may not) be necessary to read the ATAPI standard which is
available from:

If somebody wants to have fortune and glory (well, glory anyway) and
happens to have the great luck of having a IDE/ATAPI cdrom drive that
has door-locking problems with the development kernel, please feel free to
figure the problem out and send me a patch. Since my cdrom drive works
fine with the driver in the development kernel, until somebody who does
have this problem sends me a patch, this is not likely to get fixed. This
is a great opportunity to impress your friends!

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