Re: 2.1.26 time.c prob

Meino Christian Cramer (
Sat, 08 Feb 1997 11:22:59 -0000 (???)

E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <>
Date: 08-Feb-97
Time: 11:22:59

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I am just using linux kernel v2.1.26 and have encountered
two things, with might have something to do with the kernel
and its way to talk to ppp...

First thing:
I have tried to download binary files with netscape. All
files with exactly 24k (as shown by the directory listing
of the visited site) were truncated/corrupted. All other
files -- longer or shorter -- had no problems.

Second thing, more serious:
After closing the connection, I played around with pppstats.
It showed zero packets transfered currently -- seemed to
be normal, but why not reporting

ioctl(SIOCGPPPSTATS): No such device ?

(as showed after rebooting...)

Then I do a "man pppstats" and the whole thing hanged.
Rien ne vas plus.

After rebooting I found a

Feb 8 11:16:17 solfire kernel: Kernel panic: Free list corrupted

in the syslog file.

I have also two question. Every time I reboot the kernel, I am
prompted with

route forgot to specify route netmask.

(netmask is set to as shown by route during a
ppp-connection -- every time it should be ?!?!?!? )

Are there things wrong specified/configurated in my box?

Another thing:

Feb 7 18:45:06 solfire modprobe: Can't locate module net-pf-4
Feb 7 18:45:06 solfire modprobe: Can't locate module net-pf-5

appears every time I reboot. This modules have something to do with
appletalk. I dont use that. I have removed all things which have to
do with "appletalk" from /etc/services and /etc/conf.modules. No
"appletalk" appears in my /lib/modules/2.1.26/modules.dep.

How can I switch off these message?

Please "CC" also to

Thank you very much in advance!

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