2.0.29 sysctl.c if(grp == current->euid)

Garst R. Reese (reese@isn.net)
Sat, 08 Feb 1997 09:32:00 -0400

Back about 2.0.23 and 2.1.11 a patch was submitted to change line 231 of
sysctl.c in /linux/kernel. The offending line was:

if (grp == current->euid)
in the function:
static int (in_egroup_p(gid_t grp)

patch-2.1.12 and possibly later 2.1 patches addressed this problem.
The unofficial patch simply changed euid to guid.
patch-2.1.12 made more extensive changes to the function.

No similar official patch has appeared for 2.0.xx kernels.

I am not currently running 2.1 (until pcmcia works) and I am not kernel
hacker enough to know what this effects, but it does look wrong.