Re: Bliss Virus (fwd)
Sat, 08 Feb 1997 11:20:21 -0500

In message <>, Seth Edward
s writes on very interesting note:

> The Bliss virus is currently a Linux binary-infecting virus.
> Unfortunately, please do not feel your safe.

OK, I won't feel my safe... :)

> The author has stated that his code runs "fine" on Sun Solaris and SunOS,
> as he used little Linux specific code. I don't know if the source code
> for this is available, although I do know that it is being dis-assembled
> as we speak.
> I might also add that I tested it on FreeBSD, running an infected Linux
> binary via Linux emulation. This test proved that even the Linux strain
> can infect FreeBSD machines with emulation.

Sure, if through some miracle the system let it run in a ring 0

> packages). Also, consider using switching hubs and/or smart hubs in
> "secure" mode. (there is usually a mode to scramble all packets not going
> to the remote MAC address). I also recommend firewalls, and routine

This won't help you since any leg with a machine on it cannot be
scrambled. If it were, the machine(s) would not be able to see it...

> backups/compares (WITH WRITE PROTECTED TAPES!). While you are at it, make
> sure you are running new sendmail.

Oh I see, this is a conspiracy! :)