depmod oopses - 2.1.26 ok

John Storrs (
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 16:59:20 +0000 (GMT)

With binutils- and modutils-2.1.23, linux-2.1.26 (with ftape, ppp and
sound as modules) compiles, loads and runs ok on my i586 system. 2.1.24 had the
oops problem with the same utils.

While trying to sort out 2.1.24 following the suggestion that a newer binutils
was necessary, I had the same sort of difficulty I have had in the past in
accessing HJ's GCC/private/tofu directory on tsx-11. I haven't yet found a
mirror which carries this - they either don't have the private directory or it
is reported as empty. Tsx-11 itself in my experience is almost impossible to
access from Europe, even when America is asleep. There have been a number of
occasions over the past year when kernel changes required the use of HJ's
development libs. Are there any tsx-11 mirrors which do carry his directory? If
not could a European mirror oblige?