Re: bliss version 0.4.0

Malcolm Mladenovic (
9 Feb 1997 10:32:41 GMT

In article <Pine.LNX.3.95.970207221822.1999A-200000@deathstar>,
Duncan Hill <> wrote:
>This is a message I got from goodness knows where. I'm not on the bugtraq
>list as far as I know nor any of the other To:'s listed. Anyway, perhasp
>someone can verify or disprove the headers?

It was posted to bugtraq, where there has been some discussion of bliss
over the last few days (strictly speaking it's just as off-topic there
as it is here). I haven't checked to see if this is the same binary,
but the wording of the text message seems to be what I remember.

There was also a description of exactly what it did, but I haven't tested
it so I don't know if it was accurate.