kernel data structures

Herve R.-P. (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 15:16:31 +0100

>>>>> "Gernot" == Gernot Kerschbaumer <> writes:

Gernot> Hello all!

Gernot> I would like to examine some kernel data structures. The
Gernot> proc man page told me under "kcore" that with an
Gernot> unstripped kernel binary /usr/src/linux/tools/zSystem gdb
Gernot> can be used to examine these data structures. I have the
Gernot> source code of my linux system 2.0.0, but in the linux
Gernot> directory there is no directory named tools and there's no
Gernot> file zSystem anywhere.

Gernot> Can anyone please direct me where to get that unstripped
Gernot> kernel binary? btw, what does this mean, an "unstripped"
Gernot> kernel binary?

The man pages are a bit old ...

zSystem is now /usr/src/linux/vmlinux and is the image of the
vmlinuz executable after being decompressed.

So, you just have to compile the whole kernel with "-g", boot it,
and run "gdb vmlinux /proc/kcore" to examine kernel data structures
(*no* breakpoints, here :-)

Herve Regad-Pellagru

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