FAT based filesystem corruption query

Gordon Chaffee (chaffee@home.com)
Sun, 09 Feb 1997 18:03:31 -0800

I've read a number of reports about corruption of msdos and vfat
partitions under Linux, but I haven't been able to make any headway in
determining what is happening since the problems do not happen to me.
What I did was create a utility that will dump the structure of a
filesystem without dumping the actual data of the filesystem. This
makes it possible for someone who is able to consistently cause problems
under on msdos or vfat mounted partitions to send me a copy of the state
of their filesystem since the size is no longer much of an issue. I
compressed a 425MB partition down to 1MB with this utility.

The utility can be found on


What I'd like anyone who is able to reliably cause a problem to do is
run this utility on a clean partition and let me know what operations
are causing the disk to become corrupt. Then ftp the partition to me
(send me mail first so I can let you know where to send it). This way I
can try to duplicate your actions.

Gordon Chaffee